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No-Ditch Directional Drilling

We install underground utility lines with little or no digging and  we install the lines without destroying parking lots, yards, or roads!
Directional Drilling
Underground directional drilling is used to install underground utility lines. Directional drills can be steered around other existing utilities to reach a desired destination and pull back line or pipes as needed
Benefits of Directional Drilling
  • Does not damage trees, shurbs, or landscaping
  • Little or no ground repair
  • Little or no street, parking lot, or driveway repair
  • No digging, hauling, replacing, compactiong, and repaving
  • Does not disrupt traffic

Common Installations include*

  • lengths up to 800' and more

  • depths up to 60' and more

  • diameter up to 18" and larger
*These capabilities will vary with soil conditions and sizes. Longer lengths, deeper depths, and larger diameters are possible.
We have exceeded 760' in length before buying the larger drill we have now.

Common Applications

boring under. . .
       -parking lots           -roadway           -buildings

      - yards                      -driveways

      -rivers/creeks         -railroads

Our Reputation
Tracy Carr and No-Ditch Directional Drilling are known for their fair pricing, quality service, dependability, and integrity.  Every year we continue to produce more and more satisfied customers.  References can be provided for you upon request. Some of our most common clients are utility companies and city governments. 
To Contact No-Ditch Directional Drilling
Call: 1-888-663-4824  or 1-937-214-0563     Fax: 1-614-437-0997
Address:    No-Ditch Directional Drilling
                    13116 Putnam Rd
                         St. Paris, OH 43072
Tracy Carr Owner Operator