Ripley house pics

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This page is to display pictures and info on the Ripley proprty I have for sale.  

the property is two miles E of the E edge of Ripley  

 7240 rt 52    that is also rt 62 and 68 

the frontage is 100 feet at the water and the road

everthing stays including washer and dryer

everything works   natural gas forced air furnace     good a/c

beautiful view      lots of private road for bikes and golf cart 

remember..........this property is 100' wide so there is a lot of land in these pics that are not part of the property


This is a view out the south window looking at the river.


This gives you a good idea of the setting.  The property ends

at the left edge of the deck.  You can see here how the river is in

backround just about 100' from the house.


This shows how pretty the area is.  You can just see the

house off to the left and the river to the right.


Ya, the garage looks a little cluttered but there is lots of room.

30' x 50' and a two car garage door on both ends.  A popular spot

for the friendly nieghbors to stop and visit.  At one time we had a

TV in the garage with nascar on.  Made a great place to have drive in

TV with all the golf carts in the area!


This is a nice view taken just at the east end of the garage.
Also very attractive at night with the power plant lights.


It is one of a few places that has a beach area.
The beach area is a pea gravel.  The water is perty clear
when it has not rained much.  There ia several feet to wade in
then it falls off nice for boating.